Sunday, August 27, 2006

Episode 20 - Life During Wartime

PCX reviews Civil War #1-3
"This concludes with him being all happy that he's done the stupidest thing ever and asking the press, 'Any questions?' To which my question would be, 'What the fuck are you thinking?!'"
"Dude, he is so fired..."


Blogger Charles said...

Okay, now this was a good episode! You're getting your groove, Starhawk. Sorry about the harsh words earlier, but you have some big shoes to fill. It's good to hear from Trekkie again. It would've been cool if you guys had been able to do the whole spinoff thing. And Trekkie, no need to apologize for the time travel thing. It's your podcast, do what you like, yeah? And I liked the khan bit. I hope you manage to do a few more shows, you were a good counterpoint to Dr. MonkeyPants.

August 27, 2006 5:42 PM  
Blogger mc trekkie said...

Thanks Charles!

I was away from the podcast... and as you know, came back just to do some podcast housekeeping.

But that's all over now.

I will be on from time to time- but it's a larger team now.

(next tim I seize control, we go back in time and I get chased around by sleestack.

No. Never again... I promise.

But Trenchcoat did say to me that there were THREE MORE apes movies...
Hopefully Starhawk will have some sense.

As far as the CBH Spinoff thing - CBH has a vibe, Team X has a vibe and there seems to be a growing audience for each. 'nuff said.

As for Team X- I'm pretty cool with being just "part time". Starhawk is perhaps the most odd comics fan/commentor I've ever heard!

I remember back in High School he used to steal my Hostess fruit pies. He'd steal two of the cherry ones- and put them together to look like boobs.

then he'd count them.

I mean. just the two pie boobs.

over and over.

(and he says I have an issue cause I have a phaser replica)

As for the future for team X - From what little they tell me - Much more mysterious craziness to come.

(and no, I can't hint- I'm out of the loop- For my brief appearance in episode 20, I literally "phoned" this one in.)

PS Keep pitching Trenchcoat on ideas- Mister Fancy Pants "Comics Encyclopedia Brown" doesn't know everything- he thought Kirby's Comic Adaptation of 2001 was BETTER than the movie.

Oh and f him anyway. he used to steal my devil dogs. (& if he counts those shapes, ewww I don't want to know)

Thanks for your support and good humor during all the changes- I would reward you with Seven Virgins, but, sadly- there are no Virgins in Philly. (Except in the comic book store)

August 28, 2006 4:45 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Okay, I'm responding to Trekkie's response just to say:

1) I like the Sleestak idea actually, and may do such an episode just to annoy him.

2) As you may have gathered from Trekkie's remarks on the matter, a "cease-fire" has been declared in the battle with CBH. Given this, I'd just like to follow up what I said in #20 and note that Comic Geek Speak sucks more than a room filled with ten-dollar crack whores.

3) Hey! The King's 2001 adaptation was better than that overrated piece of shit movie!

4) Actually, I'll take Yodels over Devil Dogs any day.

- Trenchcoat Mafia

August 28, 2006 5:33 AM  
Anonymous Starhawk said...

Wow -
I go away for ~2 weeks and I come back to a flame war, a reconcilliation and the return of M.C. Trekkie! Surely, I dare not leave this hemisphere again for fear of a total CRISIS of Infinite Podcasts!

Meanwhile, I graced the land of Scotland with my all-knowing presence, and learned what a beautiful place it is.
For all: it is a wonderful place to visit; visit soon.
For members of the House of El: They have big red phone booths there, and yes I was wearing my tributory t-shirt ;-)

Now, on to the matters at hand:
a) It's good to be back. Thanks to some of you for the late breaking encouragement. For all of you hold-outs: it is my JOB to do more harm than good. I am under contract to uphold this charter. Bwa-ha ha ha ha haaa.

b) I'm glad the flame war is all worked out. Trenchcoat, shame on you for coming off of your leash and egging those guys on. Please see below:

b.1) Since all of that (intermasterbatory posting) was some serious BULL-shit, how about if you all go back now and delete that muck? I am sure that none of the new/future listeners need to troll through all of that text (note here, my refrainment from using the word 'shit') just to find that it has NOTHING to do with the Podcasts themselves.

c) Praises to you ALL for wanting originality. Oh, no, wait... Everybody WANTS originality, but nobody is willing to ACCEPT originality. To whit:

c.1) TCM and I spend lots of time coming up with original concepts like the BCR (see the WW#1, SG#8 reviews) - solely for the amusement of our audience ;-). But does anyone add "but at least it was original" to their "Boob counting sucks!" commentary? NNNNoooooo...

c.2) TCM and I take time off to defend the entire comic universe from the dreck of S-Stalker Returns; but do we get "It was brave of you to defend our honor so selflessly" appended to the "F* Starhawk, bring back Trekkie" posts? NNNNNooooooooo....

c.3) Well, we'll "C" if you can handle the Caustic Castings of the future!... where (of course) we shall continue to welcome your feedback. (I reserve the right to ignore the ones I don't agree with ;-))

d) Welcome back M.C. Trekkie; you have been missed by your fans (and even those who just don't like you). I look forward to our many "simulcasts" together.

e) For those of you who may have skipped some of the recent casts for artistic reasons; please go back and review them before it is too late. Raw, unrestrained and editted by the man himself (TCM) - they are pure nuggets of either pleasure or pain - but at least when you've heard them, you'll know what you know. [And the secret to the appreciation of evolution is in the knowing! Trust me: I know.]

f) Thanks to ALL of the fans (posting and not posting) for your ongoing support, confidence and downloads!

The future of Podcast-X is looking better all the time!

Thank you for Accepting the word of "One Who Knows"!
- Starhawk.Evil.Darkness.Adore

[aka Black Luthor]
[aka Whatever!]

August 28, 2006 10:07 AM  
Blogger mc trekkie said...

Trenchoat you loveable dufus.

What did I tell you about busting on ANY other 'Cast?

Opinions are like comics. Everyone has one. Some, (like Disco Dazzler), should REMAIN SEQUESTERED IN THE QUATER BIN.

My Wrath is finite- and I simply DO NOT have the energy to fight off CGS and their 2000+ fans. (each of whom will descend down upon you like a plague of Ultrons and pelt you mercilessly with the Civil War TPB)

Brain Deemer's mug will then be stuck there, imprinted on your face, until you entirely reboot and air your "House of Monkeypants" Idea.

Starhawk- better and better my mad fruit pie counting friend.

Ps Please buy Trenchoat either an array or noise canceling microphone for his birthday- you can afford it- that picture of a Black man eating haggas should fetch a pretty penny on Ebay.

August 28, 2006 1:09 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Starhawk: I think I've already worn out my "delete" key removing older, even more nonsensical (if you can believe it) blog comments.

Trekkie: Dazzler, you say? Hmm...

- Trenchcoat Mafia

August 28, 2006 7:20 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

Suggestions, eh? I can do that: All Star Batman And Robin. C'mon Trenchcoat, you know you want to.

Actually, what with Escape From Planet of the Apes being the next movie in the franchise, that would put you guy....I mean, your clones, in present day, and they could search out and destroy the originals, and take your guy's place. If they haven't already......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Btw, I wish we could've heard what you were gonna say on your blog, Trekkie. Perhaps you can tell me, in private? I'll never tell! Honest!

August 29, 2006 1:30 PM  
Blogger mc trekkie said...

Charles. Oh no you don't.

Unless they start up again, I'm done with CBH v PodCastX. It was stupid before and it would be even more stupid now. (CBH fan Rick was very wise)

BUT I just had one of my more odd "tingly" moments- (like when I get ideas like a Comics Podcast Telethon and a sequel Outsourced PodCast cause PodCast X is cost-cutting)

Charles, you and Rick via Skype. Now THAT'S good radio! FanService X-TREME!

Trenchoat: ibid Charles

MORE BATMAN (preferably Morrison's new run).

Knowing you though, you'll probably pick some old EC title that's been read only by you and Gary Groth.

August 29, 2006 4:06 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Ah yes, those would be the "new trend" EC books. Folks, stay tuned for a gripping review of Psychoanalysis #1!

Nah, just kidding.


- Trenchcoat Mafia

August 30, 2006 12:28 PM  
Blogger mc trekkie said...

I double dog dare you two to do that one.

"Couching Podcast, Hidden Meaning"
"Podcast X... Your ID monster"

Just saw the cover to #1.
Sir, the the idea sells itself.

August 30, 2006 5:39 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

PCX: The Classics Tour.

1st appearance of Brainiac Black.

The She-Hulk who slept with Juggernaut was an alternate Earth She-Hulk.

Wonder why Reed doesn't have alarm systems on his family. That's why they get taken all the time. A villain quietly takes them out, one by one and they wake up on a strange island or Doom's castle. Why hasn't Reed made a Herbie battledroid that watches out for trouble, if it can't stop the FF from being taken atleast alert the others and/or slow down the kidnapping. Constant bio-scans and/or visual watch. Geniuses should have genius ideas.

Why are they going after the superheroes, they should have gone after the real villains, makers of reality TV.

They shouldn't sellout, I think some organization or group should be able to certify or back heroes up. Sort of what happen in one of the Civil War What If?'s. Captain American ended up training the heroes. It's what Cap always did. He would train heroes on his own and when he was with the Avengers he would set up training programs. Tony only does it when it's profitable.

And that woman was right. It is Stark's fault that stuff like the school bombing happened. Like I said, Cap always wanted and did train heroes, but Stark never bothered until he can make a profit. What was really the Avengers about to Stark? Show off his Iron-Man. Show off Starktech. And use it as a tax break/shelter. Why is Stark all gun-ho to do the registration? Because he realized how to make a profit.

I'm sure that the real reason Stark shot the Hulk into space was because the Stark-Toy's Hulk's action figures weren't doing so good any more.

Why would superhero registration go thru when Mutant registration failed miserably?

What? StarHawk is for censorship/altering the historical record just cause he disliked the PCX/CBH rubbish?

Wait, TCM, you did delete some of the historical record? I was thinking some comments might be missing but I thought it 's probably my faulty memory.

May 07, 2011 10:02 AM  
Blogger MC_TREKKIE said...


He DID delete some of the comments from the early days. That was on me, as I'd gone by a fake moniker (name escapes me- Star Wars related) and I was baiting the Haters constantly on the site. Nothing of import was deleted. These days I am either MC Trekkie, or my real ititials CPM.

(and Bituminus Cole was also me)

I would pay good money for who Charles and Ikenheimer were- To this day I still think they were Haters/Trolls.

July 13, 2011 5:06 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

My belief that if reincarnation does exist, TCM was Thomas Paine, has been shattered. I can't see Thomas censoring no matter how many lives ago that was.

July 13, 2011 10:04 PM  

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