Sunday, February 28, 2010

Episode 142 - "Some baby!"

PCX reviews Mickey Mouse (comic strip)
10/08/1930 - 10/24/1930 (part 1 of 3)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A 3 parter just for a comic strip?
*Opens up episode*

Oh, it's Starhawk. That explains alot.

February 28, 2010 10:15 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

It's false advertisment. It's a Thoom episode. >disappointment<
We were waiting for her to be legal?

But it could have been a black man responsible for the death of MC's father death.

What? Thoom aren't you, according to the co-host whose name I won't speak, as a black man, suppose to support all black related activities? So support Rodney King.

Wasn't Mahatma Gandhi like Archie Bunker?

Wait, Tim doesn't like me anymore? What did I do wrong? Was it the internet girlfriend thing? That wasn't my fault, in fact I predicted she would probably drop him given the evidence.


Wonder Woman is a superhero in a bikini. If you're a guy you're looking at her tits and ass and if you're a straight female, you're looking at her thighs and "knowing" she purges.

You gotta do a history review of Nubia with Vixen.

It's the depression, of course the mice are happy, they're eating children whose mothers can't feed them so they suffocated them, they're eating old people who shot themselves because they lost everything in the crash, they eating the dead hooker who had to sell her body to support her family.

You blew off J.D like that? Again didn't the co-host I will not name tell you to support your fellow black people's projects?

March 01, 2010 11:13 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Hey, Starhawk, can you see Courtney? She gotta be there, 5,200 is Australia's total population.

March 01, 2010 1:10 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

'kay, rushing to get out the door for work here, so lemme address whichever of these points I have time to and I'll just get to the rest later:

Xantes, with just a single image, I think you've officially proven that Australians have way too much free time.

Courtney, you forgot to respond to Starhawk's polite request (unless Xantes is right and you are in that photo with the rest of your country!)

Xantes, unless he comes to his senses-- I mean, changes his mind, a proper Starhawk episode is on the way. Eventually.

March 01, 2010 9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, that's Sydney.
Nothing that interesting would ever happen in Perth.

And in response to Starhawk; You want to see me naked? Fly over here and see it for yourself!

March 02, 2010 6:48 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Is that offer just open to Starhawk?

March 02, 2010 7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh, I guess if anyone's willing to pay for the ticket and sit on a plane for that long just to see little ol' me then I'd be plain rude to turn them down.

And even when I'm not on the show, you just can't seem to not talk about me!

March 02, 2010 10:46 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Starhawk's theme song

March 02, 2010 10:59 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Courtney, like you don't love all the attention...!

Xantes, Starhawk's the one who apparently wants to pretend any guy cares if a chick's "legal" or not.

I think Tim's jealous of Rodney King for getting all that money just for getting beat up; of course for all we know, he's one of those guys who pays women to beat him up (and speaking of Courtney, there's an easy money-making opportunity for her!)

I'll believe anything bad about diaper boy Gandhi, 'cause I'm still annoyed that back in school, they made us watch that fucking ten-hour movie. And yes, I consider movies to be however long they actually feel like.

Tim's probably still all on the Memin Pinguin thing. Who knows?

"Murmurs"? Oh, the Mummers shit I was talking about! Well, Wikipedia says...

Y'know, DC is always having such a hard time selling Wonder Woman, I don't know why they don't just slap a Vertigo label on the book and have her run around naked. Instant sales boost guaranteed.

Granted, Vixen would probably rather review a book with Nubia in it as opposed to what I was thinking about for her next episode. I'm pretty skeptical that anything the character's ever been in is especially worth reviewing, though.

See, that's a big reason I'd never own a pet myself. Why the fuck do I want something around that if I drop dead is gonna friggin' eat me?!

March 03, 2010 8:10 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Great, now you made me have images of Nazi uniformed Courtney with a riding corp dancing in my little perverted head.

Actually you might want to look into that kind of stuff. Some of the professional for hire masters and mistresses in the bdsm lifestyle don't even have to get undressed or have sex with the client. It's the being tortured and humiliation that they desire and being so below the mistress that she won't have sex with the client or even touch them is sometimes part of the fantasy.

Besides his fickle "stand" on non-violence, I thought you would praise him for his stand on sleeping nude with females other than his wife as a "test" and sometimes with his underage niece.

Nah, I don't think it was the Memin thing, he stopped answering most of my comments after the internet girl incident. He was answering fine right before.

Way before my time, seemed harmless, especially since it had no racial origins.

Worth reviewing? I thought that was besides the point for PCX.

Now that I think about it, I would love to leave a gruesome corpse. What animals would leave a gruesome corpse behind? Cats and dogs in an urban setting is so passe. Tigers would be good, but they will be tempted to start eating you while you're alive. I think I'm leaning towards vultures or ravens.

March 03, 2010 10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People will pay for that? Golly, that's swell!

(I couldn't even type that with a straight face)

March 04, 2010 3:07 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

I was gonna advise Craigslist but I forgot they took out the BDSM type ads out because of the killer a few years ago.
But there appear to be networking down under. a lot

Not sure if Australians would pay for the Nazi mistress scene. Usually it's older jewish males into that. I see you got them complaining down there too. Do it for Adolf.

March 04, 2010 6:45 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Xantes, it all ties together. In fact, Courtney probably wears her hair in bangs as a subtle tribute to BDSM icon Bettie Page.

Most women just blow off the idea of making easy cash off these guys who seem anxious to give all their money away, and I just don't get it.

Why didn't Ghandi just go ahead and fuck his underage niece? Then I might have some respect for him.

"Internet girl incident"?

Okay, I'm all read up on Nubia now, and it's a definite "maybe".

Courtney, two words: Easy money.

Xantes, I think "Do it for Adolf" is the secret official slogan of the Republican Party.

March 05, 2010 8:17 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

It's implied that he did have sex with her uncle, just that people kept it quiet. Hey, just like Adolf.

Thoom spoke of it on his show, I should call her "internet dating girl." He met her thru one of the internet dating sites. I think he spoke with Downcast about her. They dated once, he liked her and they planned on meeting again, but he was broke and she emailed him to call it off. I told him she seemed on the expensive side and might not hang around too long.

Sounds like it would be the American Nazi Party's slogan.

Hitler raps

If Courtney lived in Japan, I'm sure she would be in business already.

March 05, 2010 10:34 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Oops, I meant that it's implied that Gandhi's niece did have sex with him.

March 05, 2010 2:01 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

If only everyone would just get over this whole notion that having sex with your relatives is automatically bad, somehow...! Twenty-three million Appalachians can't be wrong.

Internet Dating Girl sounds like a typical example of what most bitches are like in today's society in that they've only got a single thought echoing around in their tiny brains: "Gimme...gimme...gimme..."

I like that now our Nazis are calling themselves by the oh-so-delicate name of "the Tea Party movement." I mean, they've given up even pretending not to be the dainty little closet cases we know they all are!

I was gonna call the Hitler rap silly, but Anne Frank's always good for a laugh.

If Courtney lived in Japan, odds are that by now something she would've suggested that everyone go do as a joke would have caught on as a national craze. Much like the whole sushi thing probably started when someone just snapped at somebody to "Go eat raw fish!"

March 06, 2010 9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bangs? It's a fringe you silly American fool!
And my hair really isn't inspired by anyone. I just decided one day I'd like to have more of a bob cut. They can be both retro or cyberpunk!

But I do know so many girls who idolise Betty Page. What's up with that?
Trenchcoat is a way better role model.

I am a little sadistic though, heh, okay maybe alot.
I'm still considering starting up that business.

And what is your fascination with incest? Do you fuck your relatives or something?

Oh and the reason I came here.
My mum was cleaning up the garage and she found some more old photos of me. These ones are mostly from pre-primary.
Just wondering if you wanted me to scan them.

March 07, 2010 7:58 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Pre-primary? You mean extra young? Scan them? You mean post them? that's a silly question.

Any song with the words, " bitch, Anne Frank..." will always get high praise from me. But as I watched the video I wonder if the minority girls understood what Hitler was about. I've met a lot of black people who would praise Hitler for his jew hate but didn't understand about his sub-race slavery ideas.

I thought it was called the teabag movement. Then they followed it up with a banana in the tailpipe.

Guess for many reasons. Famous fetish model. Naughty next door girl looks.

March 07, 2010 12:01 PM  
Blogger Thoom said...

You've never actually heard a black person praise hitler for his "jew hate". And any black person knows that if a group of white people hates jews, then that group doesn't look well upon blacks at all.

March 07, 2010 1:50 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Courtney, Wikipedia says, "A fringe (or bangs in the United States...)" proving once again we get to just rename stuff whatever we want over here!

And if I found out some chick I was seeing was actually related to me, as long as we're not having two-headed babies, what's the problem? I mean, if you discovered Bruce Campbell, the new Dr. McCoy or any other guy you lust after was distantly related to you, I suspect you'd change your own anti-incest stance in about a second.

And yeah, actually asking Xantes and me of all people whether you should post sexy baby pictures is kinda cute, 'cause that's that thing you get when a girl really wants to do something totally "wrong", but she also wants to be able to put all the blame on somebody else...!

Xantes, and I think I've said this before, but judging from what photographic evidence we have, Anne Frank was not gonna grow up to be any kind of good-looking. I'd say the Nazis probably did her a favor, but I want the moral high ground to be able to yell at Tim here:

Tim, Louis Farrakhan has actually said, and I quote, "The Jews call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man."

March 07, 2010 6:19 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Yes I have. Usually those who believe in the righteous Jew hate of Hitler are also black wannabe Muslims or new Muslims. They think that Hitler wanted separation of races, which he did but didn't understand he also wanted the dominance over all he deemed sub-races. Such as blacks. As I just noticed TCM pointed out, there seems to be a source that Hitler wasn't all bad as long as he took care of the jews.

I think I said it before that if you are making sure that there are no babies from incest, then there's no reason why people can't engage in it. It's a societal taboo because of the wacky babies born from it.

What if it was Heather Graham?

March 07, 2010 8:47 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

You'd think Jews and Muslims could bond over their shared hatred of pork, but no...!

And if we'd bring back the old custom of just throwing incest babies off a cliff or whatever if they're born looking like circus freaks, that wouldn't even be an issue anymore.

Lemme guess; at the end of that movie, the surprise happy ending is they're not related after all. Riiight. Fuck you, Hollywood. Seriously, grow a pair.

March 08, 2010 1:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, if I discovered someone I was dating was in fact a relative of mine I would be very embarrassed and end the relationship immediatley.

And a Nazi won an Oscar today!
Well, the guy who played Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds anyway. He was awesome.

I seem to have a fetish for that uniform, I don't think I would have noticed him otherwise.

March 08, 2010 5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And here you go, five-year-old me:

March 08, 2010 9:11 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Yeah, Hollywood doesn't really do incest and when it does they are either suppose to be the bad people like Chinatown, or crazy like The House of Yes or they aren't really related like in Say It Isn't So. The somewhat saving grace in the ending is the real Susan Somers shows up looking for her long-lost son and it's the main guy. And as he was growing up he would jack-off and fantasized about her all the time.

So this guy brings home for dinner the girl he's been dating to meet his parents. After dinner the father pulls the son out to the porch and says, "Son, I haven't been totally faithful to your mother and your date's your half-sister."

The guy breaks up with her, a few months later he brings home another girl. After dinner the father pulls him out to the porch and says, "That's another one."

After he dates a few more girls in the town and he discovers he's related to them, he decides to date a girl in the next town. This time it's true love and they plan on getting married and he brings her home to meet the parents.

Again the father takes him out to the porch and tells him the girl is another of his accidents. The guy stays out on the porch miserable. The mom sees him and asks him what's wrong. The son spills his guts. When he finishes telling her how unfaithful her husband has been, she say, "Don't you worry none about your father. Go ahead and marry the sweet girl. You're no son of his anyway."

But what if your relative had already gotten you pregnant, your 6 months into your pregnancy and he like dressing in Nazi uniforms and owns a few authentic ones?

So to save two religious groups, the solution is to exterminated the pigs? I think there will be protests.

Awww. So cute and precious. What's that weird stain on the side? Where is Trekkie?

March 08, 2010 9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The stain is probably just dust or water.

I may not be religious, but I do have a moral code that I abide by.
And having sexual relationships or even fantasies about a relative is by far one of the worst things you could do.

And most of the world's population would agree.
Go ahead, tell someone that you'd love to fuck one of your family members and you would get something I like to call the "baby-eater" look.

It's seems it's just the PCX crowd that thinks otherwise.
But then again, you are American.
Jeremy Clarkson's always making incest jokes about you.

So at the end of the day, that's just how I feel. I am not attracted to anyone in my family.
It would be unnatural otherwise.

I apparently can't change your opinion and you'll never change mine.

Anyway, which member of your family is it you are specifically attracted to?
Or wait, don't tell me. You just like the idea of it?

March 08, 2010 10:55 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

But why? What are the reasons that make incest a taboo? What's the reasoning behind such a moral code?

When I was growing up I was into my youngest aunt and a few cousins, but I "knew" the social and religious restrictions. Nowadays I'm not really into any of my relatives anymore. I'm more into wanting to date twins or sisters or even a mom and daughter. And I now understand why incest is a taboo and the reality behind it.

Since incest is such a taboo it's hard to pin down real numbers for the percentage of people who actually have engaged in it. Depending on the study and definition of sex and the definition of relation numbers seem to vary from 2%-25%.

Part of the problem is because it is a taboo and sometimes a crime those willing participants try to keep it hidden and aren't counted. Usually the only incest people know and hear about are the criminal types.

March 08, 2010 12:51 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Courtney, you never had one of those "awkward" stages every kid supposedly goes through, did you? You've looked cute as a button in every younger picture we've seen of you so far! Oh wait, on second thought don't answer that-- you could be all like, "Well, there was that one time I was eleven when I grew a mustache..."

And as far as the incest thing - say you found out that some guy you're attracted to is distantly related to you. Are you all of a sudden not gonna think they're hot anymore?

Xantes, that kid is awesome. You've gotta respect anyone who stands up for his right to bacon!

And you'd think mothers would want to fuck guys with their daughters just so they could properly show their kids the ropes.

March 08, 2010 7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like I said before, if I found out I was related to someone I was attracted to, I could no longer be attracted to them.

It's like when a really hot guy turns out to be a complete tool.
Like Christian Bale!

Or if that's not a good enough analogy for you, how about imagine what it would be like if a woman you found attractive turns out to have a dick?

March 08, 2010 9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and I could show you pictures of my awkward stage.
I was almost going to scan one last night.

The pictures you have seen so far are from when I was REALLY little.
Around 10 I started to get a little stocky, I think all kids do that before that shoot up.
I had a few mysterious scars on my face that no one seems to know where they came from.
My eyebrows started to get a little thicker.
And I was loosing baby teeth/growing adult ones.
So I had a bit of a gap tooth. Which is weird because I have overcrowding in my mouth now.

And then there was puberty, more hair and bad skin. Nature's "fuck you" to humanity, I swear.

March 08, 2010 9:34 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Would it be a fake dick? But that would be different. See if I was to get together with a female and she was a female and it just turned out to be that we're related it's still a female. But if I was trying to get with a female and it turned out not to be a female then that's false impressions. See it one case it's unknown to both people. In the other, one of the people was differently lying.

March 10, 2010 7:18 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

You two are just trying to give me flashbacks to that horrific Crying Game movie where the she-male had the nerve to be all like, "Oh, I just assumed you knew."

March 10, 2010 9:11 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Remember the Star Wars deleted scene.

Wait a sec, I just checked Wikipedia and this whole gender fuck-up happens within an IRA terrorists plotline? I thought it was a mundane NYC cop thriller, I mean if there's anywhere you might accidentally pick up a cross-dresser, it'll be New York. I might have to check it out. It sounds hilarious.

March 11, 2010 7:11 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

The whole "Leia is Luke's sister" thing has annoyed me for years, mostly because in (geek alert) Splinter of the Mind's Eye, they hinted pretty strongly that if those two weren't fucking already, they were gonna be. I'm convinced Lucas didn't come up with the whole sibling angle until some time later.

And it was kinda funny that the Crying Game he-she spends the rest of the movie basically fucking with the lead character's head after sexually traumatizing him.

March 11, 2010 9:37 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

I remember thinking she was sleeping with both in the Marvel comics Star Wars series and also with random strangers.

Just to bring us back on topic, Cortney, how close would relations be to be too close for you? Is second cousin okay? How about fooling around with step-relations?

March 12, 2010 8:07 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Leia in the comics was such a slut that not only do I think she was fucking that seven-foot (I'm counting his ears) green rabbit from the first post-movie arc, but she probably kept one of those antennaed tribble-looking things they introduced later on as a masturbatory aid.

I'm sure if Courtney bothers to address your latest incest questions, she'll just stick to her "it's all wrong, somehow" stance, so I'll just point out that:

a) Even purer-than-snow Greg and Marcia Brady had step-sibling lust for each other in the second Brady Bunch movie.


b) If doing his second cousin was good enough for the great Jerry Lee Lewis, it's good enough for the rest of us!

March 12, 2010 8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goddamn, are all Americans into incest, or is it just a select few?

Step-relatives are fine, they are only related to you by marriage.

Secondary relatives and those removed I guess are fair game. Still weird and not something I would do, but at least there's a bit of distance between you and them.

There are over six billion people on the Earth, why go for family?
You're already in a different kind of relationship with them.

You see, the love for family is so very different to the love of a partner.
Didn't anyone teach you the different love styles?

* Eros – a passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love

* Ludus – a love that is played as a game or sport; conquest

* Storge – an affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity

* Pragma – love that is driven by the head, not the heart; undemonstrative

* Mania – highly volatile love; obsession; fueled by low self-esteem

* Agape – selfless altruistic love; spiritual; motherly love

It's like I love my dogs, Buzz and Bailey, but I'm not going to fuck them because that's a different kind of love.

I have a very close family, especially on my mother's side. I have grown up with them.
These are the people who have cared for me, educated me, supported me since before I can remember.

I could never see them as anything other than familial figures.

I hope that explains just how disgusting incest is to me and well, pretty much everyone else in the world that doesn't have a mental illness.

And now for something completely different;
Fuck Jerry Lewis!

March 12, 2010 11:56 PM  
Anonymous THOOM! said...

You mean Jerry LEE Lewis.

March 13, 2010 1:25 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Yeah, Jerry Lee Lewis was one of the best early rock & roll guys; telethon boy Jerry Lewis is just an asshole.

And I just had a thought: If Courtney had an identical twin sister and had lesbian sex with her, would that really be incest or just a kind of masturbation?

March 14, 2010 12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You asked me that in an earlier episode.
I said it would be incest because they are another seperate being, not you.

Although I have heard of twins forming such close relationships with each other that they break a few boundaries.

However if it was a clone they would technically be you.

Oh and I just remembered this trailer I saw for an independant film last year.
It was about a brother and sister that live together by a lake completely isolated from the rest of the world.
I believe it may have been a post apocalyptic scenario.

Anyway, they slowly become attracted to one another. But then a boy shows up and turns it into a love triangle.

I can remember the name but I thought you might be interested.

I don't get the point of incest. Your relatives are more similar to you than anyone else on Earth.
I want someone who is so completely different from me.

I mean, I like aliens, monsters and sexy red demons!

Absolute opposites of me.

March 14, 2010 6:00 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

If Courtney had a twin and had lesbian sex with her of course I would be masturbating.

Actually people generally tend to look for mates who are similar to themselves. We are looking to pass on our genes and looking for mates similar to oneself is a good way of doing it.

The only reason it's actually seems to be wrong is because of the genetic disasters waiting to happen. And the thing about defining types of love doesn't mean that a person can't feel more than one type of love for a person or situation or have it change.

Somebody can have be feeling a ludus love to get a guy but have it develop into a storge and maybe even agape because he's an orphan. And that can be a pragmatic love but could develop into eros and eventually in mania. Sounds like a movie.

If you're really looking for someone different, would you do Howard?

March 14, 2010 11:36 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Oops, sorry, just reread your question. Yeah in reality it would be incest and not masturbation, but I love that line anyway, even though I'm probably misquoting it. "Sex with your twin is like masturbation, it's having sex with a person that used to be you."

March 14, 2010 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eh, not into birds.

I tend to go for mammals.
Particularly of the hooved variety.
Like minotaurs and centaurs and of course Hellboy.

March 14, 2010 10:17 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Courtney, I was just gonna ask you if it was incest if a pair of lesbian Siamese twins had sex with each other (and I know I never asked you that!), but then I realized conjoined twins are never attached in a way that that could even be possible. Tsk. I knew I should have been a mad scientist.

Xantes, since you made me think of sex with bird bitches with your Howard question to Courtney, I thought about it myself and no, if a chick is too birdlike, like say Lillandra, that'd be a little creepy. A hot chick just with wings like Dawnstar, though...

March 15, 2010 9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realise that one might think I'm being a hypocrite by being practically a furry and saying incest is creepy.

But the difference is one can happen and one won't...Unfortunatley.

March 15, 2010 10:55 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

What's creepy about the Shi'ar? Sure they're bossy and got Orphan Annie eyes and they got feathers for hair, but other than that they are fuckable. Just slap them around, put in contacts with pupils, and pluck em.

Well with Abby & Brittany, it actually is masturbation. Only one set of reproduction organs. Seems like a jip, 2 girls, one pussy.

Courtney, what about Northwind, before or after?

Why can't furries happen? They already do extreme cosmetic surgery and tattoos. You know they are pushing for gene splicing. What happens if tomorrow one can grow fur, a tail and whiskers? Would you say no to them then? People will try anything for those fantasies.

March 15, 2010 11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember Abby and Brittany. I think that would be the one exception to that rule.

Damn freaks of nature.

March 16, 2010 1:30 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

I wonder if they feel the pussy lips on their side who ends up with the clit. Or if one controls the ass and the other the pussy. Blow jobs might be fun for the guy.

March 16, 2010 2:40 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Xantes, that the Shi'ar have no pupils in their eyes isn't even an issue (after all, neither does the uber-hot Starfire); it's more the fact those alien freaks have feathers coming out of their heads(!) that makes the thought of fucking them so weird. But you've got a point in that there's really no reason a guy couldn't just pluck those out beforehand.

I'm all for gene splicing, as long as we get sexy Tigra-like cat-women out of it.

Courtney, Abby and Brittany's mother is the real freak for not doing the humane thing and aborting that two-headed monster in the first place.

March 17, 2010 8:51 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Or pulling out the feathers as part of sex play.

I tried to find info on the mother. I think I saw the episode of Oprah that had them on and the mother who is a nurse, I think said they didn't know anything was wrong til after the birth. I would think a nurse would know better. Here's a more in-depth article

March 17, 2010 11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched a documentary yesterday about a woman who was kidnapped by an S&M fetishist while hitchhicking in the 70's.
She was held captive for seven years.
What a dumb fuck. She was given every oppportunity in the world to escape.

She was trapped in the basement for three months but after that he let her go for walks unattended. He also set her to work around the house and garden and even looked after his two daughters.

She claims she stayed because he said there was a secret organisation called "The Company" (what is this, Heroes?)
and they would kill her and her family if she tried to escape.

Oh and his wife knew about it, but didn't do anything because with the girl around she wouldn't be tortured anymore.

He let her visit her family once and they didn't even question the situation.

Eventually the wife had enough and they escaped together.
He was arrested, but the trial lasted quite some time because they had a hard time believing she never made any attempt to escape.

I always wondered how horrible things like that could happen to someone. Turns out it's because they're all stupid and weak willed.
Just like horror movie victims.

March 18, 2010 4:02 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

That's what I'm hoping for my dungeon slaves.

People been believing it secret organizations like satanic cults hiding among us for a long time. Even today a talk show host can be fooled.

March 18, 2010 7:53 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Courtney, to point out the obvious about that girl in your scenario: although she was definitely "stupid and weak-willed", the thing no one ever says in these cases is that obviously the bitch liked it! Hell, just the fact that she apparently would've happily stayed with her "kidnapper" the rest of her life, if the guy's wife hadn't fucked things up...! Also, people really shouldn't go blabbing about The Company-- I mean, uh, you're right; there's no such thing as The Company, of course. *cough*

Xantes, The line on that page about what if one of them dies first reminded me about the story of how one of those famous Siamese twins (Chang or Eng) woke up one day to find the other one dead (the surviving twin actually held on for a few more hours), which only bolsters my opinion that those girls' mother is the real monster here.

And Oprah isn't as much a talk show host as a sentient Macy's Parade balloon who's convinced everyone that she's actually human. Never mind that that video clip proves her head's full of nothing but hot air...

March 18, 2010 7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved that video, "over 9000 penises" only Oprah could deliver that line so dead pan.

Also, what the fucking fuck?:

I should stop googling myself. Last time I did I came across a man's blog that professed that he had always been in love with me. ...Or someone with my name.
My ego says the former is right.

March 19, 2010 9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw all those fugly bitches with my name. I AM COURTNEY PRIME!

March 19, 2010 9:49 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Maybe you're related to Copybox Courtney Coombs? She looks sorta cute in the damn shoddy video made by I would think AV artists.

Okay, so I saw Hard Candy and maybe it's because I already knew what was gonna happen or maybe because I'm paranoid but the girl's nervousness at the beginning would have made me bolt, it screamed, "It's a trap!" Oh, and seriously, how the guy hid his stuff is so amateurish, especially if he takes "legal" kiddie pix and he "seduces" a few.

Anyway reason I brought that up is because I'm paranoid, and I'm thinking could Copybox Courtney Coombs be the type of artist that would take years, span multimedia and many websites all to make a piece called, "American-Pedo, Story of TCM." In the damn shoddy video about 5 minutes in is a girl who sounds like co-host Courtney Coombs with a possibly rehearsed question. There's a little boy between them, could it be Aidsmaster 9000? What is it, Admiral Ackbar?

I'm just saying. By the way my Capcha word was "Forseesc".

March 19, 2010 1:07 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

First off, just so you guys know, Comcast has been deciding to knock me offline once in a while for no apparent reason this past week; which I'm only mentioning just in case I seem to "disappear" at any point. I can only assume they've got more customers than they can handle and they're trying to drive people to their competitors.

Courtney-Prime, I couldn't even finish watching Xantes' video with Earth-Two Courtney once I realized the camera just wasn't gonna move any closer to let me get a better look at her. That's when I realized there was probably a reason for that. Also, as opposed to your own sultry voice, that bitch was just plain annoying to have to listen to.

And you should post on that guy's blog just to fuck with him.

Xantes, as good as I think Hard Candy is, I still hate the Ellen Page character. And she shouldn't have been so arrogant at the end; as you pointed out, that guy wasn't the most competent representative of the pedophile community.

I'm annoyed that I even had to turn that capture word feature on, but in a world tainted by auto-spammers...

March 19, 2010 4:18 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

If you disappear I'll just naturally gonna assume they caught you. And that Thoom had something to do with it. You will be avenged!

Like I said shoddy video, I couldn't find a pic of Bizarro-Courtney anywhere.

I think you were suppose to hate her. She's either a very good actress that able to emote fake nervousness, which is a clear sign to me not to sign anything and/or get away as fast as possible, which the guy missed because he's incompetent and horny or the actress tried to act legitimately nervous and it came out fake. I think the main stream community is suppose to like her and cheer her on because she's not the victim and she's gloating in it.

You would think after the Roman incident, guys would have their back up escape plan ready.

March 19, 2010 6:17 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

If you disappear I'll just naturally gonna assume they caught you. And that Thoom had something to do with it. You will be avenged!

Since that bit about Tim orchestrating my downfall is entirely plausible, thanks for that - you'd think now that he's confessing his pedo lust for Dakota Fanning, he'd be more tolerable of others besides himself who realize that deep down, every little girl just wants to be raped.

And if I was supposed to hate that Courtney imposter, they achieved exactly what they were going for. What, was I supposed to be impressed that she achieved being both boring and annoying simultaneously?

March 20, 2010 6:07 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

PCX: The Classics Tour.

StarHawk's call for more Full Frontal Courtney Exposure, I concur.

Need to say it again, Thoom-Dude, be sensitive to MCT's feelings, of course he's gonna be offended when you do it. A black man killed his father.

I guess Rodney King is proof that beatings don't work.

What did I say is okay? Lumping races?

TrenchCoat Mafia, firefighter females can usually haul a regular size person. It's a requirement. Look at what they used to have Molly Williams haul.

Professor X did check Storm's teeth, as a man in his position would.

Wait, Thoom is all for copyrights forever so the heirs can loose their money gambling and they can be sick for his amusement? No wonder he's a believer.

They sent Spielberg to talk to you about laughing at Jews. Just like the time they sent a Neanderthal to talk to us because we laugh during Quest for Fire.

Yes Roots showed black nudity on TV.

Fuck Downcast. Kingsley gives us more dramedy.

Wow, coincidentally I just had a run-in with one of those people I told you I've met and you think they don't exist. Young black guy asked if I would let him on the subway for free. I told him no, he said I would if he was a Jew. I said, "Yeah, a jew with a metrocard with money on it." And somehow this back and forth gets to the point where he praises Hitler for the Holocaust. I try to correct him, telling him to check online and he jumps the turnstile once a train comes in.

Bizarro-Courtney, incest and 9000 penises, it seems like yesterday.

September 18, 2011 11:10 AM  

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