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Episode 127 - "Score one for the Afro!"

PCX reviews Best of Josie and the Pussycats V1


Blogger XantesFire said...

So, when I was a kid I liked Judy from the Jetson, Wendy from The Superfriends and Valeria from Josie and the Pussycats cartoon. What's funny is since I don't know what the PCX cast looks like, I've been substituting in the characters from Josie for most of you. Vixen is Valerie, Trekkie is Alexander, that other female podcaster from long ago was Melody. Starhawk looked like a large coal fleece Bleep, later I readjusted it so he looks like Chuck from the regular Archie series. TCM looks like his profile pic.

Dude, it was the 60's, man. They have to show they are hip with the kids and the hippies so Melody has to have the freedom to go shoeless.

Now that you did Josie, you should have Vixen do the soft porn version of the Pussycats that was printed in either Hustler comix or Penthouse Comix.

August 18, 2009 8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other female podcaster?

August 19, 2009 2:15 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

To Courtney re: Xantes' "other female podcaster from long ago" mention - Wicked Truth. She co-hosted #23 (as MC Strawberry), #24, #30 & #31. Believe me, you didn't miss much.

Xantes, I just find it disturbing that in the 60s, kids in general suddenly had no use for shoes. Or for that matter, soap.

Vixen's already recorded PC3X #9 & #10, but I might have to find this porno Pussycats strip for her to review next. Or just for, um, reasons of my own.

August 19, 2009 4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh science, I remember her now. What happened to her?

I think there's something great about all the classic PCX episodes. No matter who's co-hosting.

Should there be a plot for our next episode or just do a straight up review?

August 19, 2009 8:47 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

From what I remembered of the soft porn version of The Pussycats, they seemed more of a club/punk band. they only showed topless nudity and implied lesbianism. It was done by one of the Archie artists. I forget his name but it's one of the cuter, cleaner style artist.

While fruitlessly looking for the Archie artist name I found Dumb-Ass Express. Assie! Look out!

And whatever did happened to Wicked Truth?

August 19, 2009 12:14 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Courtney, I swear if you make the next review we're recording all complicated by writing dialogue bits for it and so on, I'll go back in time and inject you with cold germs in your sleep so that you'll not only be infected now, but you'll have been sick all week!

Courtney and Xantes, Although I'm sticking with my story that Starhawk killed Wicked, it's entirely possible she just went totally batshit insane. Even Vixen would have to admit, as she'd put it, "Wicked's not wrapped too tight..."

Xantes, I stared at that cover for a second and then I slowly shook my head thinking, "There's just too many goddamn comic books out there!"

August 19, 2009 8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So that's a no on a musical episode explaining the difference between Eistein's special and general theories of relativity?

August 20, 2009 1:21 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Do you really want an Einstein musical?

August 20, 2009 3:57 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

So that's a no on a musical episode explaining the difference between Einstein's special and general theories of relativity?

Didn't the cast of Buffy already do that in their own musical episode?

Metaphorically, anyway.

Xantes, I made it through one minute of that mess. And to think YouTube pulls so many videos offline, whereas something like that they'll leave up forever.

August 20, 2009 8:35 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Unfortunately nerd cred can make even the most unwarranted, popular.

August 21, 2009 4:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that I was stuck in a maze with Hitler. He was a pretty cool guy.
Unfortunatley some damn Jew came along and shot him in the leg. But don't worry I avenged the fuhrer.

August 21, 2009 7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh BTW, The Josie and the Pussycats movie was on today. And being that I'm still sick with nothing better to do, I watched it.
Not the whole thing, I fast forwarded past the terrible bland music.

What got me through it was Alan Cumming, I find him oddly attractive.

It was a weird movie, not as bad as most other films of the genre.
It was aimed at my audience the first time I saw it. Funny all the references and things I didn't get.
I didn't even notice Seth Green and Breckin Meyer at the beginning.
It came out 2001, so there was alot of 90's fashion still bleeding through.
I hated 90's fashion, no wonder I was a tomboy who hated music as a child.

The diamond-shape halter necks and boob tubes. The body glitter and stickers.
Bell bottom pants worn with heels, ugh.
And the obnoxious bright, artificial, shiny materials.
Everything about the era was cheap and nasty.
And they said 80's fashion was bad.

Strangely enough, Charlies' Angels came out around the same time. But their costume designer was good, most of the outfits are timelessly gorgeous.

Sorry, went on a fashion tangent there...
I need new heels...Right, stay focused!

It's interesting to see how much changes in just eight years.
Why Josie was even listening to music on a portable CD player instead of an iPOD.
I think I had one of those too. Useless pieces of crap.

After watching that movie I watched A Hard Day's Night. Which was just so cute!
I love the 60's, all of the pop culture of the time was fun and innocent.

August 21, 2009 8:09 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Actually I like Josie and the Pussycats. I think you have to see it as an Archie comic and not expect what you would expect in a DC or Marvel comic movie.

Maybe I'm over analyzing it, but I did work at Blockbuster then and that's what I did. The way I see it the fashions and music were suppose to portray the fleeting, disposable, instant gratification trends that the corporations wanted the mindless youth masses to follow.

Even though the girls, before they became famous was suppose to be more lay back they were still somewhat reflexive of their time. They were just suppose to be less corporate. Maybe they should have reused some of the songs from the 70's, and without the background action. And I wish they had used a different guy for Josie's Alan. This guy seemed anemic to what the cartoon character looked like.

August 21, 2009 9:41 AM  
Blogger Thoom said...

>>What got me through it was Alan Cumming, I find him oddly attractive.>>

Because he's gay, and women find that non threatening sexually. Bono and Edge haven't yet cast a Peter Parker for their Spider Man musical, but they did cast Evan Rachel Wood as MJ and Alan Cummings as Harry Osborne. It'll be opening next year, I think.

>>Strangely enough, Charlies' Angels came out around the same time. But their costume designer was good, most of the outfits are timelessly gorgeous.>>

But that movie sucked ass.

>>I had a dream last night that I was stuck in a maze with Hitler. He was a pretty cool guy.>>

::Shakes head, walks out of room. Closes door and locks it.::

August 22, 2009 1:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alan Cumming is bisexual. So he has that same appeal as Jack Harkness.
Which is weird, because I don't want to see them with other guys, nor do I want to know what they get up to.

The Spider-Man musical has already blown it's budget. So who knows if that's still happening.

And because you guys requested it, here's me in pigtails...And my favourite WWII style leather vest. Isn't it so awesome? I haven't worn anything else lately.

As you can see, I clearly enjoy looking like a ten year old.
I wait my whole childhood to get to the perfect age and turns out I would have been more popular if I had stopped growing seven years ago.

So I gave you pigtails, but you are not getting me in a little dress with a plushie and no make-up.

August 22, 2009 6:44 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

What if it was this plushie?

Need more lighting in the pic.

Hitler always stuck me as the creepy uncle.

August 22, 2009 1:26 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

So I gave you pigtails, but you are not getting me in a little dress with a plushie and no make-up.

I dunno, Courtney; I mean, apparently the idea of taking a picture like that is on your mind, after all...

And shame on you, Tim; what did Dream Hitler ever do to anyone?!

Bringing things around, and speaking of Hitler: Xantes, I think you found a plushie Courtney would totally take a picture with; now we just have to figure out how to get her to go with the "little dress and no make-up" bit.

August 22, 2009 8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lighting, phht. I took that picture at 7:00 at night.
I do need photography lights though.

This Hitler plushie is cuter:

And look, he wasn't that bad:

But the Hitler in my dream wasn't the real one.

This is my favourite plushie:
His name is Tyson.

I went to another 501st armour party today.
I got completely kitted up in Stormtrooper armour. It was WAY too big for me. I had to move around like C-3PO. Ally should upload the pics tomorrow.

Still considering being an Imperial Guard. Armour is shiny and pretty.

Oh and you would know, TC. Are there any Beatles comics we could review?
I've got Beatlemania at the moment.

August 23, 2009 5:45 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Of course Hitler posed in a pic with Bambi, he has a deal with them.

They probably go with the stupid, just following orders, not really bad guys, nazis.

Even Batman likes nazis.

August 23, 2009 10:24 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Understandable. After all, you just showed us how ugly Anne Frank had already gotten by the time they took that picture; if the Nazis had let her live to keep aging, she'd have wound up so hideous that Tim would be lusting after her instead of Bea Arthur.

Courtney, there have been a handful of Beatles comics over the years (and against my better judgement, I'm downloading one now), but if you're looking for a Beatles-related comic/cartoon that's any kind of good, you'd probably be better off watching Yellow Submarine.

August 23, 2009 7:49 PM  
Blogger Vichus Smith said...

I heard that the Spider-man musical is dead.

The panel you picked out for this comic is great, because it just seems so wrong. I don't know what is more wrong about it, Valerie's comment about her hair, or Josie's response. Don't get too comfortable, white girl!

(My word verification was "reflag" I'm thinking that might actually be in a dictionary.)

August 25, 2009 9:27 AM  
Blogger Thoom said...

Why is it wrong? If it were a white girl with a curly fro or big hair, the comment wouldn't be wrong, so why is it here?

A big afro would cushion a punch bowl falling onto your head like a hat (from a short distance).

It's less offensive than the movie which cast Rosario Dawson as the "black chick".

August 26, 2009 1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not "offended" by it. I just inferred what they were saying in that panel to be something racial.

I feel like Valerie is being self- depricating (which she is) goofing on her natural black hair. Josie, to me, is probably a bit to down with black chicks. She's lucky she picked Valerie as her friend/band mate/ token. Imagine if Val was a sterotypical neck-snappin' black woman.

August 26, 2009 8:39 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Oh, I take it you didn't read about Josie's first black bandmember, she's a card carrying Black Panther member with a sawed off shogun in her afro. The police picked her up for bitch slapping Alexandra. Good thing too, that glass bowl would have just shattered when it hit Laquisha's fro.

August 26, 2009 11:06 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Almost forgot, today after about a year I finally went into a comic book store. I only bought a small fraction of what I wanted to get. I did get The Boys vol 4, Thoom blew out the whole "nigga" incident way out there for no reason and their version had nothing to do with Tupax's East-West coast crap.

As I looked thru the x-rated section I found the comic with the softporn Pussycats, It's called "Pets" by Dan Decarlo, it's in Penthouse Comix #2, and it looked even less sexual that I remember it.

August 26, 2009 11:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny, but I've never bought a comic from the "naughty" section.

Who's Tupax?

August 27, 2009 8:24 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Oops, I meant Tupac.

Try it, you might find something good with the addition of nudity. In some comic stores, in the past they would keep all the really violent stuff and independent comics in the X-rated section. A girlfriend introduced me to Omaha, the Cat-dancer (which makes me think, she would be a furry today, if she didn't get married to conservative christian) and another x-rated Archie type comic, Cherry, even the covers look Archiesque.

August 27, 2009 7:40 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Tim - I just wanna say (just to annoy you, but also it's true) I had no idea Rosario Dawson wasn't actually black when I saw the Josie flick.

Vichus - Oh yeah, that bizarre dialogue exchange made this one a no-brainer for the post pic, considering it was a standout WTF moment.

And someone please publish Laquisha and the Pussycats.

August 30, 2009 11:12 PM  
Blogger Vichus Smith said...

Rosario Dawson is fucking black, at least for a shorthand description. Her fucking juicy tits are definitely black!

I claim Vin Diesel as black depending on what movie he's in.

August 31, 2009 3:27 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

It's like the Gina Torres debate with Tim over on his site all over again! I definitely agree with you that Dawson's got an impressive pair of tits though, considering I went out of my way to download a scene from some gladiator movie (or whatever it was that I'd never watch otherwise) just to gawk at them.

And Tim if you're around, don't bother searching the 'net for that clip; her funbags are the the real thing, and we all know you're only into silicon (and Bea Arthur/granny porn.)

August 31, 2009 9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She was naked in Troy, or something like that. If her tits were out in Gladiator, the tiger might have ripped them off!

Not even Dawson's nudity was enough to save that film.

September 01, 2009 12:53 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Troy! Yeah, I couldn't remember what the fuck that was called. Or what it was about. Or anything else about it besides Dawson's funbags in the one part I even bothered to watch.

On a related note though since you mentioned it, I just wanna officially declare Gladiator the most overrated movie ever made.

September 01, 2009 10:18 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

As a late, great American once sang, "I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Baby,
It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White,
I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother, It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White."

So does it matter if Gina or Rosario are black, or white, or Hispanic or none of the above? NO! Appreciate them for their outer and inner beauty. So learn from this late, great American about not caring what your racial background is, was, could be. Let's all stop using these racial definitions and barriers. Learn from him that we can be more that race. He also tried to teach us we can be more than age, I don't think he sang about bridging the age divide, but he did live it. Goodbye Michael.

September 01, 2009 12:33 PM  
Blogger Vichus Smith said...

It don't matter if you're black or white- until you take your date of another race to meet your parents.

I'm all for equality, but since the rest of the world ain't ready, I claim Rosario's titties!

September 01, 2009 2:06 PM  
Blogger Thoom said...

I might take Xantes comment seriously for two seconds before bashing it, but I won't because:

1)It's from Xantesfire, who has made a mockery of everything true and pure.

2)Xantes once "claimed" Angel Salvadore as Latino or Hispanic over Black. And she isn't even a real person.(It don't matter if you're black or white but it does matter if you are El Salvodorian or Cuban.)


If Angel Salvadore were created in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, etc. She would look and dress like Memin Piquin's mom and speak like Aunt Jemima.

The lost lyrics to Micheal Jackson's Black or White:

"It don't matter if you're black or white. Unless you are my child. Tito, go get me a book of potential small nosed white and off-white (but not black) sperm donors to splash on Debbie's Eggs."

September 01, 2009 4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angel Salvadore is a black woman (a black woman who loves beans and rice and speaks spanish fluently); nontheless she is a black woman. There are questions I do have, though:

1. Did beak ever go down on her before M-day

2. What the fuck do you classify their kids as?

Maybe Tim should review some New Warriors as a commentary on race in the Marvel Universe.

September 01, 2009 7:33 PM  
Blogger Thoom said...

1. Did beak ever go down on her before M-day

She barely wanted that dude to touch her, let alone, put his beak down there. She let him poke her so she could get pregnant because no one else would touch her fat, regurgitating ass.

2. What the fuck do you classify their kids as?

Mixed species. Birderflies.

Maybe Tim should review some New Warriors as a commentary on race in the Marvel Universe.

If you are talking the latest series, race wasn't mentioned in there, at least not in anyway memorable or important.

The story behind that comic is not how races are portrayed, but how average or ugly people are phased out for beautiful people. As Xantes pointed out, Beak and Angel are now models (in the last New Warriors).

September 01, 2009 10:02 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

1. I mostly argued Angel was hispanic cause it was part of the argument.

2. I did not hears Michael's words.

If you do do New Warriors, do the 90's version, because isn't it time to put the "retro" back into Retro Comics Podcast?

September 02, 2009 12:07 AM  
Blogger Thoom said...

Retro means "the past". If I review the last weeks issue of "Scalped", it's retro. I'm harking back to August 2009, which is now past.

And most of my issues are at least a few months old. If you do a comics podcast and don't review comics that came out that week, you're treated like yesterday's news (retro) and most people ignore your show.

September 02, 2009 12:13 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Sure, retro could mean just yesterday if you want it to but it would be more fun if you used retro to mean atleast a decade. "Whoa, 90's, what was I thinking?"

September 02, 2009 3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, youngin, before there was Thoom! the Retro comics podcast, it was Tim's Quarter Bin, and as far as I can tell, Tim's still digging in there, so I don't mind that Tim's "selling out" and reviewing recent mainstream comics.

The New New Warriors isn't race-y like X-men or anything, but there is still some racial commentary people could make off of it. For instance, how Jubilation Lee, little Asian sidekick, suddenly turns into an ample tittied, decent-assed super heroine.

OK, so maybe I'm just looking for someone to goof on bad character design and not so much race.

September 02, 2009 5:18 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

Speaking of underage titties, I just wanna compliment the new JSA artist for drawing Stargirl completely flat-chested; it's like she's going through "reverse puberty" or something. Seriously, right now she's gotta be the most pedo-tastic bitch in comics since those little Power Pack whores.

September 02, 2009 9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of underage titties, Hound Dog was a lame ass movie. Way to go, Dakota.

September 02, 2009 9:35 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

I never heard of that flick and had no interest in it...until now, when I just looked it up on IMDb and saw that it apparently features an 11-year old Dakota Fanning getting raped. Why they didn't go for the big box office numbers and just called the damn movie Dakota Fanning Gets Raped!, I have no idea.

September 03, 2009 9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had assumed you has heard of it because the big deal about it was the controversy. As a film, it's dull. As anything a Trenchoat Mafia type may fast-forward to looking for the "good parts" It's not good either. I don't even know why the rape happens. It just seemed unnecessary, like they put it in to get people interested.

September 03, 2009 12:13 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Looks like a case of too much teasing. Guy was minding his own business, hanging out in a old dirty shack in a rainstorm, the girl was dancing, she took off her clothes, how's it his fault? If anything I think it might be a little boys fault.

September 03, 2009 3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The boy was pretty much to blame. He was a real fucking idiot, didn't even run for help.

September 03, 2009 3:30 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

Nor did he join in.

September 03, 2009 8:22 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

As anything a Trenchoat Mafia type may fast-forward to looking for the "good parts" It's not good either.

True. A good cameraman really would've gotten in there and made us feel like we viewers were doing the actual (so-called) raping, a good director wouldn't have ended the scene so quickly, and what the fuck was up with only shooting the little whore from like the neck up once she took her shirt off?!

September 04, 2009 6:58 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

I blame the Christian Right, always censoring everything. They must be destroyed.

September 04, 2009 8:32 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

I couldn't agree more. And for maximum irony, we should burn them all at the stake.

September 06, 2009 11:33 AM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

PCX: The Classics Tour.

Nope I was wrong, Twisted Truth was Josie, not Melody.

Sad how Archie and Valerie's relationship ended, true Arch can't stay with a female for too long anyway, he just gets antsy. Valerie probably understood this, being a black female.

Forgot to mention Strawberry ShortCake and Sheila and Diana from Dungeons and Dragons.

Was Josie just the female Archie? Pepper was Jughead(the quirky friend), Alexander was Veronica(the rich sometimes boyfriend)
Alexandria was Reggie(the Rival), Albert was Betty and Melody was the Dilton opposite.

Usually feet stink because of shoes and Melody is a flower child, her feet probably taste of grass and honey.

Wonder if Alexandria ever meet Sabrina, they should have, I think there was an Archie story where they both appeared but at different times and appeared to have no contact.

Actually in later story you get the impression that Alexandria wouldn't mind the Pussycats doing good because it would be profitable for her and Josie would move out of town.

I think there was a time when they were trying to make Valerie a young angry black character like Laquisha Jones.

Einstein Rap.

Actually was the early 2000's a short retro 70's-80's fashion revival?

September 01, 2011 9:16 AM  

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