Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Episode 245 - "Why, you hussy!"

PCX reviews Metamorpho V1 #10 & The Flash V1 #167


Blogger T Mafia said...

The next review (starting Sunday) is going to be a weekly(?) four-parter. Beyond July though, I have no idea. Either way, it'll be the 1st and 15th of each month at worst.

I apologize to my co-host; the review was originally intended to be only two parts.

July 04, 2014 6:10 PM  
Blogger XantesFire said...

They even forgot to put Element Girl in the 1st Who's Who She could had been a great character but I think they wanted us to hate her, white skin, green hair? Could she get more uglier?

DC go go girls?

I've forgotten about Mopey, I first learned about him in the letter pages commenting on that issue and people were complaining about the newer origin story, I can't remember if the editor said to consider it an imaginary tale or read that somewhere else.

I probably should be apologizing because I stretched it out. At least it's not as bad as the Starhawk Supergirl review.

July 23, 2014 1:12 PM  
Blogger T Mafia said...

I don't think anyone besides Neil Gaiman would have even bothered to bring the Element Bitch back.

At least I had the good sense to have Courtney on when I reviewed Supergirl again.

July 24, 2014 8:51 PM  
Anonymous Qposter said...

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January 07, 2015 5:17 AM  
Blogger Music Dredge said...

this is probably one of the best podcasts i've ever listened too....i'm trying to dig through archives but shiiit its like 8 years worth of stuff (enjoyable stuff). best regards

January 29, 2015 9:57 AM  
Blogger T Mafia said...


January 29, 2015 3:01 PM  

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